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NKLA Pet Adoption Center


Client: Ronald & Catherine Gershman Foundation

The state-of-the-art pet adoption center for NKLA

More than 100 kittens, puppies, cats and dogs
Total Square Footage: 11,000 SF
Date opened: October 2011
Addition opened: July 2016


August 2013 - South Los Angeles Animal Care Center wins it’s 3rd architectural award, RA-DA’s 7th award this year.

NKLA Adoption Center 01
NKLA Adoption Center 02
NKLA Adoption Center 03
NKLA Adoption Center 04
NKLA Adoption Center 05
NKLA Adoption Center 06
NKLA Adoption Center 07
NKLA Adoption Center 08
NKLA Adoption Center 09
NKLA Adoption Center 10
NKLA Adoption Center 11

Designed to the theme of a Cape Cod home opening to a boardwalk lined by beachside cabins, it provides a truly unique level of comfort and sophistication while providing the most comprehensive and in depth services ever offered in this context. The minute you walk through the doors, you realize you are entering a new era in animal rescue. Two years in planning and construction, the state of the art 11,000 square foot home has been designed from the ground up to deliver a level of service and caring only dreamed of in the past. 

Past the front lobby area is a gallery that resembles an outdoor boardwalk. The kennel rooms line the edges of this boardwalk as a series of separate ‘cottages’. A training yard at the end and large doors connect the space to the back of the property, used every day for exercising the dogs and on Saturdays for adoption events. 

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