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Architecture is the careful crafting of experience.




RA-DA is a design and architecture firm committed to excellence in design and with the organizational and technical skills of a large firm.  Based in West Hollywood, California, RA-DA was founded in 2006 by Rania Alomar after a decade of working as a design lead for two prestigious US Architecture firms. We envisioned the firm as a nimble and creative entity and have since built our reputation into a strong burgeoning design force in the region, evidenced by a flurry of design awards including an AIA National Honors Award.


RA-DA is characterized by an interest in complex programs and compound client types. Our involvement in a variety of project types ranging from Animal Care facilities to work environments to Civic buildings keeps us at the forefront of available concepts and technology in the architectural industry.


_Unyielding Integrity.

_Honesty - Speak up!

_Focussed, smart and enthusiastic work.

_Flexibility and adaptability - we are open and constantly rethinking what is the best way.

_Camaraderie / Community / Collaboration. Help each other, team.

_Mentoring well-rounded individuals.

_Work-Life balance. Yes, there is such a thing as an 8-hour day in our industry.

Rania Alomar, Principal, AIA

Rania Alomar, Principal, AIA


(323) 851 4040

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