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Client: John Boiler, Founder/ Principal 72andSunny

Type: Interior Renovation
Total Square Footage: 9,000 SF
Date opened: 2008

72andsunny 01
72andsunny 02
72andsunny 03
72andsunny 04
72andsunny 05
72andsunny 06
72andsunny 07
72andsunny 08
72andsunny 09
72andsunny 10

For the fast growing advertising agency, we designed a space that would reflect their brand colors and their attitude toward design. A clever use of simple materials create a unique space. A leaf of raw plywood runs through the space enclosing the different parts of the program and creates a mezzanine to house the additional work space they needed. On the backside of the plywood leaf is a green surface that wraps around with the plywood and strengthens the idea of the leaf. Solid blue volumes enclose the pantry, central bar area, restrooms and editing suite. The last element in the space is a white pinup wall that cups both ends of the two work spaces providing the much needed pinup space. 

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