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S. Los Angeles Animal Care Center


Client: City of Los Angeles

Type: New construction
Indoor Facility Size: 24,000 SF

Outdoor Kennel Area: 43,000 SF

Kennels: 270
Grand Opening: April 2013

This project challenges all preconceptions of the animal shelter as a building type. By creating a welcoming environment for visitors and animals it sets out to reduce euthanasia and increase adoptions.

The Shelter is located in a light industrial area surrounded by residential zones and close to busy streets. The building is situated strategically on the site in an effort to make it as visible and accessible as possible. With its distinctive façade and bright colors, the shelter enlivens the area. 


A careful parting of the building’s program reveals a central outdoor Gallery that connects the public parking lot to the outdoor kennel area. This Gallery is lined with animal rooms that showcase pets for adoption and transitions effortlessly to the outdoor ‘Kennel Garden’. This LEED Gold building transcends its utilitarian nature and in doing so, creates a meaningful experience for the visitor, the staff and the community.

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