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Animal Wellness Center


Client: Dr. Annie & David Harvilicz

Type: Interior Renovation

Permitting & Construction Administration
Total Square Footage: 2,000 SF

Completion Date: February 2010

Wellness Center 01
Wellness Center 02
Wellness Center 03
Wellness Center 04
Wellness Center 05
Wellness Center 06
Wellness Center 07
Wellness Center 08

There are two factors that drive the design of this store: both are related to the experience of the dog and their owner as they move through the space. The first is an idea of splitting the space with a horizontal plane, below which the experience caters to the dogs. The walls in this zone move in and out creating passageways and resting points articulated by artificial turf and mirrored surfaces that fascinate the dogs. Low wall-mounted dog bowls provide a water stop as well. The products are displayed on partially glowing white countertops that seems to blend into the white walls and continue up to form shelving. 

The shoft forms in the space are created by mapping out the movement of people as they enter and move through the store. The casework and display counters create a second world designed for the dogs below three feet. Walls move in and out to create passageways and resting points. 

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