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Bugaboo Headquarters Office


Client: Kari Boiler, President Bugaboo

Type: Interior Renovation
Total Square Footage: 9,000 SF
Date opened: 2009

Bugaboo Headquarters 01
Bugaboo Headquarters 02
Bugaboo Headquarters 03
Bugaboo Headquarters 04
Bugaboo Headquarters 05
Bugaboo Headquarters 06
Bugaboo Headquarters 07
Bugaboo Headquarters 08
Bugaboo Headquarters 09
Bugaboo Headquarters 10
Bugaboo Headquarters 11

Our approach to the design was practical and minimal. We wanted the space to work as a backdrop to the product so that the strollers would be the primary active elements that activated the space. We achieved this by keeping the layout simple and making most of the space white: white floors, white desks, white light fixtures, mimicking a photographer's product backdrop. The strollers are set on platforms that bookend each row of desks, for easy viewing and reference. Rather than separating the departments, we organized desks around internally-lit, partial heigh walls so that employees would have some sense of privacy, but be able to see throughout the office and communicate readily with other departments. 

The private offices along the south edge of the main space are separated only by a transparent glass wall in order to avoid the visual separation that private offices often create. The north wall is the cafe wall, activated with a bright green color and lined with a long bench and cafe tables that serve as the social zone of the space. The large conference room is along the east edge of the space, again separated only by a full height glass wall allowing a cultural transparency to flow throughout. 

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