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Space at Chase


Client: Dale Jensen, Owner DDB Ventures, LLC

Type: Interior Design
Total Square Footage: 9000 SF
Date opened: 2007


The project was awarded a 2007 AIA Design Award. 

Space at Chase 01
Space at Chase 02
Space at Chase 03
Space at Chase 04
Space at Chase 05
Space at Chase 06
Space at Chase 07
Space at Chase 08

The client for this project works in many different areas. They are progressive in their thinking and their approach to new projects and investments, and relish an openness to possibilities in the future of their company. This openness was to be a key element of the design. 

The goal of the project is to create a space that is unique and yet flexible enough to host an array of event types. In the northwest corner of Chase Park in Phoenix, Arizona, the prime location of this space is unique in itself. The view of the baseball field is magnificient and offers a great advantage to any space. Part of what makes this project unique and successful is it's very serious study of how to achieve this arquitecture in a practical and affordable way. 

The project was awarded a 2007 AIA Design Award. 

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