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Dodge Theater*


Client: Bob Machen, Owner Downtown Theatre Partnership

Type: New Construction:

     - 5000 seat auditorium        

     - Facilities

     - 30 suites                            

     - Interiors & Signage

     - Flexible stage                     

     - Back of house

     - Green room                        

Total Square Footage: 130,000 SF
Date opened: 2002

A 5000 seat theatre in downtown Phoenix, developed by Bob Machen of Machen Consulting. This theatre is one of the first of its kind. Designed as a prototype for future theatres of the same size, it fills a previously empty hole in the market. Bob had identified a glaring need for event centers that cater to off-broadway, boxing, concerts that are too big for performing arts spaces, but not big enough to fill arenas or stadiums. It is designed to be incredibly versatile, and handle large numbers of people without losing its intimacy. Opened in April 2002. 

Rania was the Design Lead on the project, involved in every aspec of the building from the overall design to the lighting design, to the interiors, to the signage. This was her first project with Bob Machen, and the beginning in a professional partnership focused on the design and development of performance spaces. 

*Done by NBBJ.

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