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East Village: The Joe Labero Theater and

Hoop de Ville

THE JOE LABERO THEATER: 1000 seats, club zone, bar zone, creative seating option. 

HOOP DE VILLE: 1,500 seats, stage setup for concerts, basketball court versatile interior to host multiple event types. 


East Village is a retail development designed in the spirit of a series of 1930's buildings layered with years of life. A mixed and electric surface makes the environment a rich and active one. The Joe Labero Theatre should focus on Joe Labero and his show but should be able to host other events or shows should they occur and should consider the future of the building many years down the line as far as can be achieved within a reasonable budget. The retail portion of the project will open November 1st 2008 but the theatre itself can open when after that. An appropiate date will be selected for maximum effect. RA-DA worked closely with Bob Machen and Greg Young to develop a concept theatre for a magician named Joe Labero in Las Vegas. Adjoining this theatre we also designed a small flexible event center intended for a show called ‘Hoop de Ville’.

THE JOE LABERO THEATER was designed to be a full sensory experience from the moment guests walk in through the front doors. Sound, temperature, smell, touch and visuals will all play active roles in all the public spaces. The design will surprise and engage visitors in every aspect of their visit. The theme of the show is ICE but this should be countered with moments and places of FIRE. All program elements and activities should somehow relate back to the show and be opportunities for experiences that ultimately enrich the show. Although the theatre will be fully functional and adaptable to other kinds of shows, the experience will be unique and will stand out in a town where only the best can survive. This will be a boutique ROCK STAR Magician theatre!


Rob Ryder’s Hoop de Ville concept is based on the original Harlem Globetrotters. The idea is to stage a live basketball game which is 75% choreographed with the latest tricks of the trade leaving the rest improvised and filling the 80 to 90 minute experience with cheerleaders, dancers, marching bands and live music making the experience a fully rounded and rich one. The audience is engaged fully in the performance. They are split into two halves to support the two teams and are taught cheers and claps etc so they can participate.

The venue for the Hoop de Ville show should have some elements that make it feel like a college or high school basketball court. The court should remain pure in its configuration although it could incorporate some special elements such as black lite markings for dramatic effect. The interior of the bowl should have elements that surpass a college venue, reflecting very specifically the needs for the show and rooting it in Vegas.  The bowl and other interior elements should be designed in a manner that respond to the split in the audience for the two teams. The lobby and entry should be dramatic yet raw in feel, utilizing simple and industrial materials.

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