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Equator Books and Coffee


Client: Michael Deyermond, Owner Equator Books

Type: Interior Renovation in 1910 building
Total Square Footage: 5,000 SF
Date opened: 2006

Equator 01
Equator 02
Equator 03
Equator 04
Equator 05
Equator 06
Equator 07
Equator 08
Equator 09


The challenge here was to design a coffee bar that did not diminish the existing architecture of the space that had become an local icon. The new coffee bar borrows from the language of the stacked plywood and sits tucked in the far corner of the room. A glowing face makes it visible from the sidewalk pulling people through the retail space to get their daily fix. 


The program for this 6,000 sf architecture office is largely organized as an open, flexible work space, to accommodate and encourage free exchange of information, ideas and design. 

The office is choreographed around two linear workstations with integrated work surfaces, lighting and canopy. The workstations act to lightly divide and organize circulation and other programs around an otherwise open and free flowing plan. The two conference rooms act as anchors flanking the entry corridor - while they are the only full enclosed rooms in the office, they are "pulled open" with clear glass at the corners for visual continuity. 

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