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Client: Flavorpill

Type: Interior Remodel
Total Square Footage: 5000 SF
Location: New York

Flavor Pill Diagram 1
Flavor Pill Diagram 2
Flavor Pill 01
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The new Flavorpill Headquarters is an expansion of their current space into adjacent suites, increasing the square footage to close to 4000 sf at the top floor of a mixed-use building on Broadway in the heart of New York.


Flavorpill is a virtual place where people and events connect. They are cultural, social and sensory leading people from a virtual source to real-life experiences. The new space is driven by an architecture of experience, of collaboration, with a variety of work spaces balanced against  private spaces so that all aspects of the diverse work from reading books, to interviewing artists to playing music is comfortable and considered.


Crafting an experience of taut apprehension and discovery, the front room is aptly called ‘The Alley’. It is a dimly-lit, bare room with a small neon sign that marks the entrance into the larger space. A raised box to the left has a flickering ‘no vacancy’ sign and provides a quiet respite for phone calls or mini meetings.


As the visitor crosses into the main space, they enter the café-bar area which is immediately more inviting. Bar stools and café tables provide an alternate environment for people to work away from their desks, and for the odd visitor to find comfort in a good coffee and internet access.


On the evenings of Flavorpill’s select, hosted events, this space becomes a fully-fledged bar entrance to a larger venue beyond. Felt cylinders hang overhead and dull the chatter and sounds.


Past the front bar, the conference rooms are to the right with large wide openings that allow band performances and large events to comfortably reside here without necessarily disrupting the day-to-day flow of the office. Ahead is the built-up ‘lounge’ that provides additional freeform work space, and meeting space during the day, and efficiently seats small crowds in stadium seating style for larger events or for the monthly office meetings.


Local, revolving artwork is commissioned to fill the back wall lit for specifically this purpose. The desks flank the art and continue in rows along the north wall so that everyone is visible and an open camaraderie enriches their experience.

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