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PPUSA Headquarters


Client: Premier Properties USA, Inc

Type: Interior Renovation
Total Square Footage: 25,000 SF
Date opened: 2007

PPUSA Headquarters 01
PPUSA Headquarters 02
PPUSA Headquarters 03
PPUSA Headquarters 04
PPUSA Headquarters 05
PPUSA Headquarters 06
PPUSA Headquarters 07
PPUSA Headquarters 08

PPUSA is a forward-thinking development company multiple retail and mixed-use projects in different stages of development around the United States. They wanted their space to reflect their open, future-minded approach to projects. 

As we began to delve into this project, and the workings of the firm, we found that although the departments were working on the same projects they were not always up to date on other issues of that project. Their projects moved very quickly and communication was sometimes overlooked. Our solution was to tie all the teams together with a centrarl architectural element. This would be a fluid and open pinup gallery and meeting space defined by a bending wood wall that would begin at the reception area and continue throughout the space. 

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