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Sonos Studio


Client: Sonos. Allison Griffin, Facilities Manager

Type: Tenant Imporvement
Total Square Footage: 4,000 SF
Date opened: May 2012

Sonos Studio 01
Sonos Studio 02
Sonos Studio 03
Sonos Studio 04
Sonos Studio 05
Sonos Studio 06
Sonos Studio 07
Sonos Studio 08
Sonos Studio 09

"The Santa Barbara-based company commissioned the space called Sonos Studio with the aim of providing the best place in Los Angeles to listen to music, "Sonos-style meaning, that a good song deserves to be played out loud, in great quality, as a social activity. 

The 4,000 square foot venue, located in the heart of the La Brea Art & Design District, features a sonically-tuned gallery space complete with custom-built canted walls and sound-dispersing foam tiles; a listening lounge outfitted with the latest Sonos System; a gourmet coffee bar; and even a skateboard lending library with corresponding playlists hand-picked by skateboarding icon Natas Kaupas. 

The careful planning of the space is evident; everything from the custom-built furniture to the near-perfect acoustics underlies the company's devotion to providing visitors with an unparalled musical encounter."

          - Huffington Post

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