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USC All Sports Building


Client: USC

Type: New Construction
Total Square Footage: 100,000 SF
Construction to begin 2010

USC all sports building 01
USC all sports building 02
USC all sports building 03
USC all sports building 04
USC all sports building 05
USC all sports building 06
USC all sports building 07
USC all sports building 08
USC Diagram 1
USC Diagram 2
USC Diagram 3

RA-DA was brought on board to design the interiors for this new All-Sports Building HNTB Arquitecture, a firm that does a lot of work for USC. 

The interiors of this project were designed to respond to the Romanesque Revival tradition of USC and the exterior of the building but were also intended to reflect the history of the university, the youth of the students and the vibrancy of the sports program. With a subdued palette as a baseline throughout, intermittent gold and red nodes communicate history and information to engage visitors and building users. Some rooms also fall into this category of nodes and their architecture subsequently moves away from the subdued approach to a more modern solution, providing a contrasting but complementary space. 

The first and second floor contain various programs for coaches, students, and visitors. This includes coaches' offices, classrooms, study halls, computer labs, lecture hall / auditorium, & lounges. The basement of the new All-Sports Building for USC is dedicated to the training of the football team and other athletes. 

RA-DA uses the team colors to create "hot spots" that mark the entry points to the main program elements & integrates the history of the school into these zones. Adjacent to the full strength & cardio training area in the basement of the building is a suite of rooms for the players. These include the players locker room, their lounge & dining facilities, a spa-like shower & restroom facility and a complete hydrotherapy treatment & rehabilitation room. 

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